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How to Solve Windows Operating System Problems – Repairing OS Problems Yourself


There are many reasons why you are encountering Windows operating system problems; depending on the severity of the issue, there are many ways where you can fix the trouble yourself as long as you know how to do it. Hence, we shall discuss few of these things here in this article; and if you want to know what they are, then read on and check them out.

One of the most common reasons why Windows operating system problems occur is the invasion of malicious programs like spyware and adware that are causing some changes on the configuration and settings of your computer OS. In some instances, virus attack can also cause this issue to emerge on your unit. Hence, you need to have some tools to protect your laptop from invasion of any of these harmful programs such as spyware removal tools and antivirus software. This may cost you a few dollars but it can save you a lot from further troubles that may require technical works done by expert technicians.

Another reason for this trouble to occur is your hard drive is almost full; causing system slowdown and resulting for some errors to occur. In order to manage this situation, unclog your hard drives through uninstallation of some programs that are no longer or rarely used. This consumes a lot of memory space on your hard drives; removing them from your unit would greatly improve its performance and bring to an end some problems related to your OS. Another good option is to defrag your computer in order to organize files and optimize its operation. It is highly recommended to perform defragmentation at least once a month in order to prevent problems relating to this issue.

Another common cause of Windows operating system problems to emerge is cluttered registry. This area is one of the central parts of your OS where important data are stored. It also records every single activity happening on your unit; consequently the more you use it, the more it accumulates data. Most of them are no longer needed and they are only adding up to the mound of junk files; causing a lot of errors and slowing down your processor.

In most cases, one of the best ways to fix Windows operating system problems is to use registry cleaning software which is very effective in eliminating all trash files and fix all problems in your OS; and the good thing about it is that you can do it yourself without being a computer geek.


Source by Ryan Clover

Friday Night Cranks: Disconnected – Computer Repair Prank


We fly to Arizona to pull of a crazy hidden camera prank. We buy a replica of a girls computer and switch it out when she is not home. This prank gets out of hand when she calls the cops and tries to run Jared over with a car!

Friday Night Cranks posts hilarious prank calls every week!

I have been uploading videos since 2007. Our most popular pranks include the "Prank Call Gone Wrong" and "Walmart on Lockdown". We prank call anyone and everyone!

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Windows 7 Ultimate Password Reset on Laptop

Windows 7 Password reset on Laptop.

Some people often raise the question how to reset Windows 7 Ultimate password on Laptop. This video gives you the best answer. Show you how to reset your password with the powerful third party software "Daossoft Windows Password Rescuer". Use this tool you can reset Domain/Local Admin/User password for Windows 7 Ultimate, Home Premium, Professional and Enterprise on Dell, Sumsung, Lenovo Laptop. The advanced version "Daossoft Windows Password Rescuer Advanced" can remove Windows password for Windows 7/8.8.1/XP/Vista and reset Windows password for Windows Server 2008, 2008 r2/2003, 2003 r2/2012. 4 steps are needed as below.
Step 1: Download and install "Daossoft Windows Password Rescuer" into another computer you can access as administrator.
Step 2: Insert a USB device into the accessible computer. Run the software. Note the USB drive letter. Select "USB Device". Click "Begin burning" button. When burning successfully pull out your USB device.
Step 3: Insert the USB device into your locked Windows 7 laptop. Start or Restart the laptop. When the first screen appears continuously press the boot keys to enter the BIOS setup. Set your Windows boot from the USB hard disk.
Step 4: After it loads PE, select your Windows and User you want to set password of. Click "Reset Password" button.




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Top Three Computer Repair Software Programs


With most of today’s world being able to use and maintain a computer there has been a huge influx in the amount of computer repair software programs to come out on the market. When computers first were introduced to the public, most people who used one would send their computer into a repair shop whenever it needed fixed. Now that people have been able to use computers for awhile, a lot more people have been performing their own maintenance to keep the costs as low as possible.

If you’re computer is running slow then it’s often directly related to the fact that your PC’s registry is becoming too full. In order for your computer to run and all of the programs on your computer to run your PC needs to read the data from your registry. When the registry is full of useless outdated information it can take awhile for the computer to process all of the data. In order to make your computer run faster you will want to use one of the following computer repair software programs.

o Registry Easy is our top rated tool due to the simplicity of using the software. Anyone will be able to perform a simple registry check on their computer using this tool and it will perform all of the needed functions necessary to improve the speed of your computer.

o Registry Fix is one of the most advanced computer repair software programs on the market, but I wouldn’t advise using this one if you’re a beginner to computers. There are lots of features with this tool and it can be confusing if you don’t know what you’re doing.

o RegCure is one of the most popular tools in the market right now and it will be able to perform all of the needed tasks to clean your registry. I found that some of the more advanced features that you can find in the above products weren’t included with this one though, so keep this in mind when choosing.


Source by Scott Jack

Google Redirect Virus Removal Manually Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7

Google Redirect Virus Removal Manually Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
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Get Rid Of Adware, Malware and Viruses For Good


Every software company that produces spyware removers claims to have the best spyware remover on the market. This is to be expected since they’re trying to sell a product like anyone else in the manufacturing and technology business. This leaves consumers wondering how they can make an informed decision about how to buy the best spyware remover on the market. They don’t want to buy anything that just has a haloed effect from the company. Glowing remarks about spyware removers need to come from other technology experts and consumers that have used the product. It can seem like very murky waters to attempt to chart, but it can be done with ease.

Consumers just need to find a spyware remover that includes as much spyware removal capability as possible. It is not impossible to find this in one product alone. The process or removing spyware shouldn’t involve buying multiple products to exterminate spyware. Finding software that other consumers and technology experts agree upon as being more than sufficient for spyware removal is key. The software should speak to the consumer from the package. It should be fully guaranteed and or warranted, should offer multiple ways to do an adware fix and a Trojan fix. The software needs to help the consumer find it’s way easily and conveniently to a tech support team in the event their assistance is required.

The program needs to be unyielding to any kind of spyware. It should be able to diagnose the presence of spyware and adware, remove it, and completely stave off any new threats in the future. The company needs to offer to give the customer back all of the money if the product isn’t satisfactory for any reason. Superior software manufacturers are not one bit afraid to support their product completely. Also, several means of communication should be at the customer’s fingertips to be able to call for any reason such as a phone number, email, or live help on a website. It’s better to extend a little on the expense since this will help the computer operate like it’s new all over again.

Since at least half of all computer crashes are perpetrated by spyware this is an investment not to take lightly. If buying an new PC at the time of purchase is the opportune time to consider buying spyware removal software. Most people make the grave error of trying to save money. It’s understandable that people need to tighten the purse strings, but at what expense? Usually the expense is a PC that isn’t working right and the possibility of having private information stolen for good. The few extra bucks is well worth loosening up the purse strings to ensure a PC that runs quickly, efficiently, and is protected.


Source by Fred Martimes

Trojan Killer & CCleaner ve virüsleri temizleme

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Emsisoft Emergency Kit Malware Removal Test

Part 1 (SUPERAntiSpyware):…
Part 2 (Malwarebytes Anti-Malware):…
Part 3 (Spybot Search & Destroy):×72…
Part 4 (ESET Online Scanner):…
Part 5 (McAfee Stinger):
Part 6 (Emsisoft Emergency Kit):
Part 7 (Trend Micro HouseCall):…




Modern Day Hackers Learned Extortion Techniques from the Mob


We have sure heard a lot about hackers these days and now they have found a new way to make money and to make you pay. Hacking used to be for fun and again people would play, but not anymore says the cyber crime and FBI task force leader Mr. Day. The new technique being used is that the hackers will infect your computer with a virus, which shuts down certain parts of your computer system rendering your system useless.

Then they contact you and tell you if you pay them and send money to a certain place and wire the money into a certain account, they will unlock your computer system so you can use it. This is a modern day hackers method of operation and I suppose it would be similar to the extortion tactics of the mob. Remember the mafia used to charge business owners for protection. If the business owner asked protection from what the mafia would simply say from us.

It makes sense that modern day hackers would wish to get paid for their hacking skills and of course they have turned from the fun to criminal intent. It is no longer about snooping or the thrill of sneaking into a computer system.

This is purely about extortion techniques and making money and having lots of money wired into their accounts and then as quickly as they set them up they disappear with the money. It should not surprise anybody that it has come to this and the FBI says they are hot on their trail, but in reality they are not so easy to catch. Please consider all this in 2006.


Source by Lance Winslow