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Windows Password Recovery

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Trend Micro Malware Removal Tools: ATTK and Cleanboot

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Computer Repair Technician Tips – How to Stop All the Annoying Things Your Computer Does


While computers have enhanced our lives in a variety of ways, there are often hassles and annoyances that every PC user has to deal with. This guide will talk about some of these annoyances and how to avoid them, so you don’t end up taking a baseball bat to your computer, bashing it beyond repair.

Microsoft Office’s EULA. Many users of Microsoft Office are plagued by the annoying problem of a pop-up that asks the user to accept the End User License Agreement (EULA) every time a program is run. However, doesn’t this seem like something you should only have to accept once? It is, and here’s how to stop it:

Run Windows Explorer and go to the folder containing the Office programs (not the shortcuts). It might look something like this – C: Program Files, Microsoft Office, Office12. Choose the icon for this program and then right-click. Choose “Run as administrator.” When the program loads, the EULA will pop up. Just accept it, and this is the last time you will have to do so. This can be done for all Microsoft Office programs.

Watching TV Recordings on Windows Media Center. In the Windows 7 version of Windows Media Center, recorded TV shows are in WTV format, instead of DVR-MS, which are not compatible with Windows XP and Vista. However, Windows 7 has a WTV-to-DVR-MS converter. Here’s how to use it:

Open your public recorder TV folder, the right-click on the video you want to convert. Choose “Convert to DVR-MS format,” and wait for it to convert, which can take up to 30 minutes. Now you can share this file with your Vista-using friends, and it will work.

Unlike and Hide on Facebook. It’s easy for Facebook news feed to get clogged with all sorts of information and status updates users didn’t really want. For instance, does it really matter when a friend levels up in Mafia Wars or receive updates from every fan page you “Like”?

Luckily, there is a way to hide the status updates you don’t care to see. On every status update, there is a “Hide” button, but it doesn’t appear until you move your mouse over it. This is located on the right-hand side. Click on it, then confirm. Also, if eliminating the status updates from your news feed isn’t enough, and you find that you no longer wish to Like a page, you can find the Unlike button on the left-hand side of that fan page, towards the bottom. It might be hard to see, as it is not exactly a button, but a link in small, blue text.

Stop iTunes From Launching Automatically. When on Apple’s App Store, clicking on an app link will automatically launch iTunes, which can be very annoying if you just wanted to read about an app, and not actually use iTunes. The instructions on how to stop it are different depending on what internet browser you use.

Firefox – open a blank tab, type “about:config” in the address bar, and hit Enter. Accept the warning that appears. In “Preferences,” right-click and choose “New, Boolean,” and type the following into the field – “network.protocol-handler.warn-external.itms.” Click “OK,” and then choose “true.” When you restart Firefox, no more iTunes launching.

Chrome – Open Chrome’s preferences and click on the “Under the Hood” tab. Click on “Content Settings” and select “JavaScript.” It will ask you if you want to allow sites to run JavaScript. Click on “Exceptions” and add “”

Safari – This one is a bit more complicated, since any fix you do yourself (without the help of software) can be reset. You may want to install GlimmerBlocker, which is an ad-blocker software, or you can install RCDefaultApp and disable the “itms” URL type. These are both effective methods.

While these are only a fraction of annoyances you may have to deal with on your computer, doing these easy fixes will save you some headache and frustration, and best of all, they are things you can do yourself. If PC users want additional information, it is recommended to consult a local computer repair technician.


Source by Chad King

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How To Change Computer Administrator Password – Windows 7

If you type in [net user] [name of account] it will display all the information of that account from when it last logged on and whether if it has a password.. there is an administrator account in/on all windows computers you can activate it by typing the following [net user] [administrator] [active:yes] to deactivate it [net user] [administrator] [active:no] NOTE: If you are not an administrator then you will have to restart "the computer" in *safemode with command prompt or else it wont work!*




Blank Blue Screen – How to Fix


If you have just bought a second hand computer and suddenly receive a blank blue screen without an error message, you have almost certainly thought that what you bought was bogus and you are now ready to return it. But before you rush to the original owner, you should perform a diagnostic test to analyze the error first, if there was one, before you confront the seller.

Most likely, the original owner might have been too sloppy at using the computer when it was still his. He probably didn’t bother running an anti-virus software or a registry fix or even cleaning the hardware and wires before he sold it to you. And of course, you didn’t even bother to check the actual state of the computer before you bought it. So instead of looking for the seller and getting your money back, you should understand that buying a second-hand computer would have this setback, among others.

If the last owner was a heavy computer user, you can almost be certain that the computer is in a nearly bad state. If you happen to know the habits of the first user, you may find out that he has installed various software that are incompatible to the rest of your system and that the computer may have now been harboring a few viruses here and there. So it is not a surprise that the computer monitor turns blue all of a sudden. Fix the incompatibilities and update the registry as soon as you can and see if the problem no longer exists.

However, having a blank blue screen doesn’t always mean that there is a fatal error within the system that the computer cannot fix. It may not be the infamous blue screen of death or BSOD so major panicking shouldn’t be your first reaction. It may only mean that the computer monitor’s wiring is faulty or that the keyboard tripped and caused a weird monitor reaction. It can be as simple as that.

Then again, make sure that this is indeed the problem otherwise; you are ignoring a very serious threat to your operating system that might cost you a lot in the end. There are fixes that you can do yourself but if all else fails; you can contact a computer technician to identify the persisting problem.

A computer is a necessity and also a high-priced investment so taking care of it should be a priority. System crashes will likely to happen if you do not take the time to have it maintained and updated properly, inside and out.

Before you buy any second hand electronics, it is important that you check all the software and hardware of the computer. Like buying a second hand car, test drive it first before you get too attracted and distracted by the physical aspect. Most of us are not computer geniuses but surely you will be able to find someone who can help you decide when buying computers.

If you have enough money to buy a brand new computer, you should do this instead of risking on a used one. With a new computer, you will have the control on any type of software and hardware installations. You’ll have a clean slate.


Source by Jacob Turner

PC Optimization Services


If you computer can’t come to your expectations or it creates problems for you every now and then, and even Internet has become highly irksome for you to work on, you should look out for PC optimization services. Being careless can cause you loss valuable data. Remember a stitch in time saves nine! Think ahead of time how much your data is significant for you and find out what kind of services you want for smooth computing.

With upcoming computer support resources, PC optimization services are easy to find. These are the centers that offer useful services in a single package thereby making things highly convenient for their customers. Moreover, buying services from reliable vendors is certainly much cost effective than calling any tech person at your premises.

The array of PC optimization generally includes Antivirus installation, performing an automatic scan, virus/spyware removal, removing unwanted files, services, background processes, and programs, Windows updation, and hard drive defragmentation if required.

Performing a PC optimization will clean the mess accumulated on your computer’s hard disk. You will observe that your computer has started operating effectively and quickly with no annoying pop-ups or programs that don’t seem to have any significance.

You can ask yourcomputer support worker to load just useful programs and back-up your data. This will help you to run your computer like brand new and avoid situations of losing everything stored in your system. In fact, these resources offer opportunities to small businesses and individuals to back up their data online. People are fast embracing these support services to save their valuable data from being lost due to any human error or theft or virus attack.

Another advantage of these services is their 24×7 availability which serve as their one of the most attractive aspects. So don’t let your computer go ruin at the hands of nasty computer viruses and avail PC optimization services soon.

Computer support technicians are highly trained in optimizing your system for smarter productivity. They take issues and errors out of your PC in no time. And you feel as if some magic has just taken out your PC out of troubles. Availing computer services from a good online resource saves you from hauling your PC to an expensive computer repair shop every time it has problem.


Source by Daisy Williams

Windows Vista – The 5 Versions


Microsoft Windows XP was delivered to us in two easily comprehensible versions, an operating system for our home and one for our businesses. Microsoft took this a step further and somewhat muddied the waters with the introduction of Vista by separating them into five distinct versions each of which, have varying costs.

Fortunately for the home consumer three of these versions was aimed at us and the majority of individuals will undoubtedly choose the windows Vista home premium installation. That said, to put you fully in the picture, below are five versions of all the Windows Vista operating systems;

Windows Vista Home Basic – this system reminds us of the XP home edition and this basic version does not have Vistas more aesthetic media properties, for example DVD burning, high definition television facilities, recording directly from your television and additional compatible features.

Windows Vista Home Premium – this Windows Vista platform is the basic version that does include some additional media features. It is primarily focused upon individuals who would like to view television on their personal computer or those who wish to manufacture DVDs from their handheld camcorders.

Windows Vista Business – similar to its predecessor, XP professional, this platform is targeted at the commercial business arena. Including a facsimile program, for example it does, however like media rich features, which are included within the home premium version.

Windows Vista Enterprise – this system is marketed at businesses that contained significantly greater range of applications and languages and also is capable of significant network capabilities.

Windows Vista Ultimate – this is a combination of the Vista home and Vista business platforms this operating system is the most expensive and as such is aimed at hard-core gamers and professionals within the video editing industry.

Even if you find the choice overwhelming with these five different operating system platforms selecting the correct system V you should not be to owners. Beginning with the basic home versions, it is a relatively simple exercise to upgrade your system to the latest operating system.

There is of course a new kid on the block in the Microsoft Corporation namely, Windows 7. This brand-new version aims to bring us even richer multimedia experiences whilst providing the user with a simple clean interface. Only recently released, it is always a good idea to allow a new operating system to bed down and for security vulnerabilities to be identified and corrected before looking to purchase the latest system.


Source by Jamie Noone

How to Reset Lenovo Windows 7 Password… How to reset Lenovo Windows 7 password? How to reset password on Lenovo computer Windows 7? You can watch this video and see how to reset Lenovo Windows 7 password using a Windows password recovery tool and a USB flash drive.




How to uninstall SavetheChildren Reminder by (Malware Removal)

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