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Acer Computer Financing


In today’s economy, it can be tough getting the things you need to get by in the world, especially if you have bad credit. With bad credit, you likely do not have a credit card, which means you cannot make major financial purchases, like purchasing a computer or a TV. While a television is not necessary in today’s lifestyle, having a computer almost certainly is, as we move further and further into this digital age. However, bad credit should not discourage you from getting the things you need, which is why Acer Financing for a new desktop or laptop computer is available.

Before deciding to use one of these financing services, you should understand how they work. While they do offer you the ability to get computers with bad credit, there are a few things you will need to qualify for before you are approved. While your credit will not be checked, you will need to prove that you have held down a job and have had a checking account for a certain amount of years. This can be anywhere from six months to a year, depending on just how bad your credit really is.

You will need to have a valid checking account, as your payments will be subtracted from it automatically from your checking account. This is so the company that has offered you the financing knows they will get their payment, as there is no way to stop an automatic payment unless you do not have the money in your account to cover it. Ensuring you have the money in your account is your responsibility; as if the payment comes back as defaulted on any payment, you could be responsible for paying off the entire balance of your loan immediately, or face having to return the computer.

When paying back your bad credit loan, you should strive to pay it back so that at least two payments a month are being made. This will help you avoid high interest charges, which are a part of every bad credit loan. If you cannot make a full two payments in one month, you should strive to make a payment and a half, as cutting down on interest will save you money in the long run. You should also keep in mind that even though it is a bad credit loan, having the loan paid off in a timely manner will help your credit rather than harm it for future use.


Source by Lucy Greenswood

Is Your Game Freezing? Learn How to Stop Game Freezing Instantly


It is really frustrating if the computer freezes when you are in the last lap of your game or if you are in the middle of some competition. Game freezing can happen at any point of time. Rather than getting concerned about it, it is better to look at the issues that have caused the problem.

Firstly, you have to look for is the RAM. Game freezing can be avoided to a certain level if you have enough RAM. It is always good to buy games after knowing how much RAM has been installed in your computer.

Secondly, game freezing can also happen if your computer hardware does not meet the requirements of the game such as video and sound cards. Always install the required sound and video cards that meets the requirements.

The hardware problems, talked above, are very easy to find out and fix, and they are not the frequent reasons why the game got frozen. Most situations would be caused by relative software problems.

One of software problems is updating patches. If you are playing any game in the computer, make sure that you have the latest version of the downloaded game. You have to get the latest patches that the Game developers provide. These patches help in fixing certain problems related to the game. The developers quite often update the patches and so you have to always look for new patches. Even in the middle of a game, the new patches can be downloaded without having any problem with the game. Moreover, the patches do not take long time to download. However, updating patches is not a big deal for the players and a lot of players would update game promptly.

The most import problem, which is frequent reason to cause game down and very hard to deal with manually, is that the computer can freeze in the middle of a game if there are problems with the registry. Therefore, you have to clean the registry from time to time. You can either clean the registry on your own or hire a computer technician or use a registry cleaning software. The best solution is employ professional registry cleaning software, since cleaning registry yourself would be very complicated and tough to people who do not have enough specialized computer knowledge, and hiring a computer technician is a big cost. The registry cleaning software is better as it cleans all corrupt files in the registry in no time. Moreover, there are no concerns of missing any valuable data.


Source by Ruimin Huang

Hard Drive Problems – 5 Symptoms to Predict HD Malfunction


Like a heart to human, Hard Drive is an essential part of a whole computer. It is designed to store a great deal of data and programs for PC users so that those data can be used at a later time.Running a software program, sending and receiving e-mail and saving Word documents all require the data from the hard drive.

As computer systems become more and more advanced, the roles that the hard drive plays have increased. However, once the hard drive gets some problems then it would absolutely be a big trouble or disaster to any PC users. Therefore, we had better maintain the hard drive in our daily use of computer regularly in order to avoid any possibility of HD crashing.

Hard Drive failure is predicable actually so you do not have to worry about that your HD would crash suddenly when you wake up some day. Generally speaking, if the HD is going to get malfunction, there should be some symptoms appearing to warn you before it getting crash.

1. Pops-up S.M.A.R.T Message. S.M.A.R.T is a monitoring system for computer hard disks to detect and report on various indicators of reliability, in the hope of anticipating failures.The purpose of S.M.A.R.T. is to warn a user or system administrator of impending drive failure while there is still time to take preventive action, such as copying the data to a replacement device.If you find a alarm from S.M.A.R.T, you had better pay attention to the potential physical failure otherwise it would not run properly if you just let it be. To use some hard drive diagnose tools to fix malfunction in time is really necessary.

2. If your computer fails to recognize the hard disk drive in BIOS (Basic Input Output System) from time to time or computer is able to recognize hard disk drive but the operating system can not find the HD, that is a another portent of the HD malfunction. I suggest you export and store the data to another place and then take your hard drive to PC shop to have a inspection as soon as possible.

3. Sometimes you will find that you can enter Windows system smoothly but you would keep receiving error message when you try to run any applications. And at the same time, hard disk scanning function does not work properly. Computer is deadly slow even gets freeze during the scanning. Such symptom could probably be caused by the hard drive malfunction or by the registry of system. It is highly recommended that you download some registry cleaning programs to detect errors on your computer at first to preclude the soft crash.

4. If you use hard drive scanning program to find out HD errors or even bad track directly, I advice you use HDTune to repair HD problems immediately.

5. Computer freezes within the initialization of Windows system. In fact, it is quite hard to identify which specific part of computer causes this phenomenon. Low quality of memory, CPU fan stops working, or virus’ attacking etc. So you need to preclude those factors one by one.

Tips: Here I strongly recommend you backup your important data or files so that you would not feel frustration if your hard drive gets problems one day.


Source by Jason Cihon

Spyware Scan and Removal Trial Software Downloads Review


Would you like to get spyware scan and removal trial software downloads online? This type of software has been specially programmed to help PC users deal with security threats on their computers. They are able to run a full scan through the registry and hard drives to find any potentially harmful files.

Once it has found these files, it will then generate a report that tells the user what it has found and how high the threats of the files are. The user can then choose to fix or remove the files completely.

1. How to Detect and Remove All the Spyware and Malware on Your Computer?

The fastest way would be to download and run spyware cleaning software. They have specialized technology that makes it very easy for them to find malicious files. Of course, expert PC security technicians may be able to identify harmful files manually, but even they have admitted that they would rather use specialized detection and removal programs since they are much faster.

There is also less risks of messing up files in the system registry that might cause the entire system to crash. These software companies usually provide very good customer support and are very popular amongst millions of PC users around the world today.

2. How Can You Tell Whether Your Computer Has Been Infected by Spyware or Adware?

There are some common signs that you can look out for to know whether your PC is infected. They are irritating advertisement pop-ups, slowdown in system performance especially when opening and closing files, unauthorized change in web browser homepage and addition of toolbars and random Windows error messages etc.


Source by Donald Chambers

How to Remove Google Chrome From My Computer


Google Chrome is one of those browsers that gained rapid popularity around the world in no time but later on it generated a lot of competition ending up at a state where the development is pretty slow. You must have tried it for the same reason and the output is certainly impressive as it has made the web experience a lot safe and easy. You might need to uninstall it for one reason or another after you are done with the testing. Chrome is available for multiple platforms and there are distinct ways of getting this uninstalled on every OS.

Un-install process for Windows Users:

Windows is pretty simple with program management and you can easily uninstall the browser using the standard process. Follow the instructions below and get it removed from your system:

  • Go to the Start Menu, and then All Programs. Move to the Google Chrome folder in the list of all programs and you will find a link to the Uninstall Google Chrome application.
  • Execute the application and check the “Also delete browser data” box in case you want to remove all the data that was associated with the browser. This is suggested if you want to remove Chrome completely from your browser.
  • You will be asked to select your default browser if Chrome was the default one previously. Select the default browser and click OK to make the system wide changes effective.

The Add/Remove program feature within the Control Panel is another alternative way to remove Chrome from your Windows.

Un-install process for Mac Users:

Uninstalling Chrome on a system that runs Mac OS X is easier. This is just a two step process that you need to follow and it will be completely removed from your system:

  • Locate the folder where Google Chrome exists. Drag the complete folder to the Trash icon that is affixed at the Dock of your Mac OS X User Interface.
  • You can then remove its icon by just dragging it and dropping it off the dock using your mouse.

Uninstall process for Linux Users:

Linux is the most secure of the operating systems and this does account for the complicated uninstalling process for applications. You can still follow the instructions below to uninstall Google Chrome from your system running Linux OS:

  • Go to the Applications menu and then to the Debian menu. Locate Applications and then go to the System directory in Applications. Locate and go to the Synaptic Package Manager within the Package Management.
  • Locate Google Chrome from the list of packages. And check the Chrome package box.
  • You will have two options then; either to remove Google Chrome completely or to remove it while keeping your personal settings.
  • Check Mark for Complete Removal if you wish to uninstall it completely or use the Mark for Removal check box to keep your personal settings.
  • Click on Apply and select Google Chrome from the “To be completely removed” menu.
  • Click on Apply again and you are done with the process.


Source by Jonathan Bertrand

PC Game Crash – My PC Games Crash Too Often, What Shall I Do?


Have you noticed that your PC games crash too often? What could be the reason behind this? Sometimes you are playing the game normally when suddenly the game shuts itself down. Here it is discussed that how can you improve gaming experience in PCs running Windows (7, Vista and XP) and how can you avoid game crashes in your computer.

Mostly games crash due to the errors in Windows operating system or the game itself. If the game is crashing due to the bugs in setup files you can do nothing to fix it. All you have to do is to wait for the most recent patch to be released by the game manufacturer. After installing the latest patch game crashing can be fixed easily. However, if the game is crashing due to the errors in your operating system, you need to maintain it by performing some computer maintenance tasks.

To fix a game crashing in a PC, first of all try to figure out what could be the reasons behind its crashing. Is it something related to the technical error in the game itself or your computer is the root cause of the problem?

If you have noticed that PC games crash suddenly it is most likely due to Files Association Errors or other errors in the Windows Registry. The file associations are the component of the Windows settings which store the information about files and programs and define rules for them. If there are file association errors in your system, your programs will not run properly. Similarly the registry errors in your system cause the programs to crash frequently. You don’t necessarily need to change your system and buy a new one if you are trapped in this vicious circle of PC errors. To fix common PC errors it is recommended to use a high performance registry cleaner and PC optimizer software.

Keep in mind that Windows registry is the brain of computer. When the health of brain is not good you should expect nothing better from your computer. Most people think that all infections in their computers have to do with viruses and spywares. This, however, is not the case. A large number of PC problems have been caused by the registry corruption.

If your PC games crash too often you should start a deep registry scan.

To completely remove the virus and spyware effect use a registry cleaner software because it also scans the hidden registry files which can have infections not removed through other computer security software.

To fix any PC game crash and to make your system faster follow the suggestion above.


Source by A. Honey

Virus Classification


Virus classification is the process of naming viruses and placing them in a ‘family tree’ in relation to other viruses. This process is different from the one used to classify plants or animals. Thanks to the fossil record, there are clear connections between most animals or plants. Viruses do not leave such a record, so it is more difficult to determine relationships between them. Another factor causing difficulties in virus classification is their pseudo-living nature, many scientists are debating whether viruses should be considered alive because they are missing several criteria considered important for living creatures. This makes viruses very difficult to place in the current classification system for plants and animals.

Virus classification is currently based on five phenotypic characteristics; morphology, or structure, of the virus; type of nucleic acid, or the genetic material, of the virus; mode of replication; hosts; and the type of disease they cause. There are two classification systems in use today, the Baltimore system and the International Committee on the Taxonomy of Viruses classification guidelines.

The Baltimore classification system was developed by Nobel Prize winning biologist, David Baltimore. This system separates viruses into seven groups, designated by Roman numerals, depending on their type of genetic material, the number of strands of genetic material and their method of replication. There are other classification systems that are based on the morphology of the virus or the disease caused. These systems are inadequate due to the fact that some diseases are caused by different viruses, the cold or flu are the most common example of this and some viruses look very similar to one another. Another factor is viral structures are difficult to determine under a microscope thanks to their small size. By classifying viruses based on their genetic material, some indication of how to proceed with research is provided because viruses in a category behave in a similar manner.

The seven groups are: Group I, double stranded DNA viruses such as the herpes virus and the chickenpox virus; Group II, single stranded DNA viruses such as the parvo virus; Group III, double stranded RNA viruses; Group IV, positive-sense single stranded RNA viruses such as the Sars virus, the yellow fever virus and many other well known viruses; Group V, negative-sense single stranded RNA viruses such as the measles virus, the mumps virus and the rabies virus; Group VI, reverse transcribing RNA viruses such as HIV; and Group VII, reverse transcribing DNA viruses such as the hepatitis B virus. The Group VI viruses use the enzyme to reverse-transcribe their RNA into DNA and then insert the transcribed DNA into the host organism’s DNA, where it is replicated whenever a cell divides. The Group VII viruses transcribe their DNA into an RNA form, then transcribe the RNA back into DNA to be inserted into the host’s DNA and replicated.

In the early 1990s, the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses devised and implemented rules for the naming and classification of viruses. This group still oversees the classification of viruses today. The ICTV system shares many features with the system used for classifying cellular organisms. There are several differences however; the classification of cellular organisms starts with the Kingdom, while viruses start with Order; another difference is the species name generally takes the form Disease species. For example the classification of the yellow fever virus is; Family – Flaviviridae, Genus – Flavivirus, Species – Yellow Fever virus. Notice this virus does not have an Order classification; that is because recognition of the Orders has been extremely slow, in over ten years only three Orders have been named. Many of the 80 known families remain unplaced. The ICTV are still working on this aspect of virus classification.


Source by Michael Russell

Ghost Antivirus Removal – How to Delete This Spyware Off Your PC


Designed to simulate the appearance of genuine computer security software, Ghost Antivirus is actually a fake antivirus program. The rogue program installs itself on your machine through either emails or landing pages claiming to provide computer security protection – the software itself is actually a threat to your computer security. The entire aim of the program is to siphon off credit card details from users, which then incur unauthorized charges, putting you at risk for losses and identify theft concerns.

The software is carefully designed to prevent its removal by changing your browser settings, disguising its resident procedures and changing your existing genuine security settings. After running a scan whenever your computer restarts, the program finds infected files with variable threat levels – the actual threats are generated based upon false results from your computer index, and Ghost Antivirus always states “Your system is in danger. Please register!” The aim of this scheme is to get you to fully register the program to acquire your credit card information and to charge you $94.95. By no means should you attempt to enter credit details, since the program will never actually help solve any problems on your computer. Instead, you should immediately consider the software as a threat to your computer.

Importantly, Ghost Antivirus will actively take steps to prevent its removal and will continually alert you to seemingly higher levels of threats. One example of an alert this fake security program displays is:

Ghost Antivirus Warning!

Harmful and malicious software detected

Online Scanner detected programs that might compromise your privacy or damage your computer.




Specifically the Ghost Antivirus installs additional malware which is intended to maintain a footprint on your machine and make it difficult to remove this spyware. As a result, it’s important to follow the steps for removal of the spyware from your system carefully. With multiple processes and registry keys, Ghost Antivirus can be a challenge to remove. Following a careful series of steps, however, can ensure you can safely remove the program from your hardware.

In order to remove the program from your machine, start by killing the ghostav.exe process as well as the related processes onin.exe, services.exe and unins000.exe. After that you’ll want to delete the multiple registry values within the Windows and FTP folders as well as removing the two DLL files and deleting a host of files associated with the program. To prevent automatic detection the software generates variable file names, requiring manual removal to safeguard your PC. A simpler and safer way to remove Ghost Antivirus is to use an antispyware program. A good antispyware program will detect and remove all malicious files installed by this spyware. In addition, the antispyware program functions as a spyware blocker to prevent future spyware from infection your PC.

Do not wait for your system to be further compromised, Remove Ghost Antivirus Now! Once your computer is infected with this spyware it is crucial to remove it as soon as possible.


Source by Peter Herme

How to Use Senior Dating Services


Senior dating services these days are mostly based online service. Without a computer you just do not have the opportunities of meeting so many people, or do you?

There are still some dating agencies that operate through pen and paper and not via the computer, senior people are included, not all of them but a small amount.

The senior services that do not use the internet rely on the postal system you join up and register. A profile for you is then published in a weekly magazine; you will receive so many new members’ profiles yourself each week. These services used to be extremely popular but of course with the age of the computer things changed. With the ‘mail’ services you can arrange a meeting with any of the people on your received profiles from those services.

The same in reverse. Members can contact you if they have received your profile; a lot of the members on this kind of senior dating services prefer to correspond via letters. You can imagine that these are slower developing relationships, and that you probably would not meet anyone for a few months but these dating services are still popular.

For some people though these services are absolutely perfect, no hassles, no pressures and convenient if you do not happen to own a computer. A lot of seniors do not; they prefer to keep it the old-fashioned way, pen and paper. So these senior dating services suit them. The advantage with writing letters to one another is that you can discover a lot more about a person on paper; I think this is why these types of dating still do remain popular with seniors.

People tend to open up more on paper rather than face to face with someone, and another advantage with these dating is, it is not a rushed way of becoming friendly with a member. You can take your time; write as many or as few letters as you wish.

Yes okay, letter writing has dwindled considerably over the years thanks to the introduction of computers, but for the seniors in the world this is not always true. Many do not have, or intend to ever have, a computer. Senior dating services that are not computer based will always do well because they are targeting the one age generation that are likely not to have computers.

There are also dating services that run a group meetings where members can meet face to face, they hold these meeting once a month and members can just drop in. Many of these seniors run organised trips and events too.

The dating on the Internet became popular due to the convenience of them. It can all be carried out from your own home, apart from the actual meeting of course. However you see the senior dating services that are correspondence based can be done from home too.

I think the age of the computer has made many people lazy and rather than pick up a pen and write a letter, it is easier to type one on a computer keyboard. This is the reason for these services being so popular with the seniors that have no computer.


Source by Chaim Golz

How Does Computer GUI Work?


Most people use their computer without knowing how they operate “under the hood”. They can spend a lifetime without caring about this subject. Programmers need to understand the mechanism to be able to create GUI programs that interact with user actions from the mouse and keyboard. Without deep understanding the GUI, programs created might be imperfect.

In this article I will explain how computer GUI works, from the mouse to the screen.

Every time we use the keyboard and the mouse, an interrupt signal is created. Interrupt signal is a logical pulse of “1” traveling in a special wire from the interrupting device to the computer. Upon receiving this signal, the CPU stops whatever it was doing at that point, and goes to a special small program to handle the interrupt. This program is called a “driver”. The driver program checks the device and read the value in it. If the device is a mouse, the values will be the pointer moved, the direction and magnitude of the movement. Or it can be button clicked, and an indication of which mouse button clicked. In case of the keyboard, the values will indicate which keyboard keys were pressed. (There might be several keys pressed like control-alt-del).

The driver pulls the values, puts them in a special queue and returns, allowing the CPU to resume its regular information.

The driver’s code is very important to the regular operation of the computer as it runs in ‘privilege’ CPU mode. Corrupted drivers can, and often do, cause the infamous “blue screen of death”.

The operating system runs a special code in its own process picking up the value presented to it by the driver. (This type of signaling is often called “software interrupts”). This special code attempts to identify the hardware signal and responds to it.

In case of a mouse movement, it attempts to identify if it is one click or double click? Is it a dragging window signal? The main activity is detecting which window the mouse cursor is over and sending the signal to that correct window. The window will draw the mouse cursor over it. (Sometimes in another shape to represent “busy” state).

In case of a keyboard signal, it checks if it is a special key that should be handled by the operating system (control-alt-del) or a regular keyboard key. Regular keys have to be sent to the active window (The window that has the “focus”). The window then can draw the letter that has been pressed on the screen (among other actions).

Every GUI program has a special code run in its own thread that handles the event.

Let’s assume we have GUI window program of a button. This program gets signals like “mouse button pressed”. This information should be handled by showing the button in its pressed position. The button should get a message that it has been pressed. The GUI program perform a routing that should take place in this event.

Since a GUI operation has performed, the button also get signal (“WM_PAINT”) to paint itself on the screen. When getting this signal, a small program routing gets called, identifying the button state, taking a bucket of paint and a brush and painting the button as it should look at this specific time (pressed or not pressed state).

This type of signaling happens in every GUI operating system. Microsoft windows uses this type of raw signaling, force the programmers to read and process every signal. Other operating systems add an abstraction layer to isolate the programmer from the “irons” and supply “onClick()” callback routines that inform the GUI program about a specific even taking place.

In this article I have explained how GUI events occur based on user actions and how it travels through the various layers of the GUI system and program. This raw GUI behavior should be understood by every programmer creating GUI program, and people who wants to understand how their computer operates.


Source by Michael Koroy