Computer Freezes – Get Rid of Error Message ‘Beginning Dump of Physical Memory’ in a Fast Way


I was quite upset from past few days because my computer was showing this stupid message ‘beginning dump of physical memory’, whenever I used to switch on my system. I was not sure what to do and was also wondering if it could be harmful to my data. I rebooted my system several times, and then restarted my computer. It worked but my happiness was very short lived as it happened again. I was not sure what to do and then I called up my friend ad asked if he could be of any help. He suggested me few things and it worked.

First of all you must understand that this particular message is a hardware alarm. ‘Beginning dump of physical memory’ error message usually comes because of faulty/ loose hardware. You can check few things inside your PC but take appropriate precautions before you start.

  • Check if memory sticks on mother board are placed securely. If yes, clean them using pencil eraser (run it gently & softly along gold pins). Place sticks back in appropriate slots.
  • Dust/ debris inside your PC can slow down the fans thus components may get overheated. Using computer cleaning kits helps and it also makes PC quieter.
  • Insufficient power supply to motherboard or other devices can also affect their proper functioning. Using high wattage or independent supply to device (USB HUB) must help.
  • ‘Beginning dump of physical memory’ error occurs when swap file corresponding to virtual memory gets corrupted because of disk block (fail/ memory error/ disk controller issue).
  • Two incompatible RAM’s can also cause this error or RAM hardware may be requiring new RAM or more RAM.
  • Presence of boot viruses can not be ignored, so use a good antivirus to scan your system thoroughly.
  • Missing/ corrupted.dll file that helps in running programs.
  • Problem with allocation of memory can also show ‘Beginning dump of physical memory’ error message on your PC.

Try these tips to get rid of this error in a fast way. Whatever the reason, if you are not able to sort it out, you can call a computer technician to fix the problem. He would probably take off everything from your computer & would reinstall OS. Next thing that you can do is to download registry cleaner which is available online as it can help preventing many other errors as well. Performing Disk Cleanup and Scan Disk regularly can also prevent number of errors messages.


Source by Bryan Adam Miller

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