Spyware Removal

Active Security Removal Instructions – Remove Active Security From Your PC in 3 Easy Steps


Active Security is a malicious anti virus program which installs itself on your PC and then proceeds to harass you by posting ads, messages and warnings… all in an attempt to get you to buy the software. The actual software has no benefit to your system and it does not clean any viruses from your PC.

How Do I Know If My PC Is Infected With Active Security

Fortunately, this virus is pretty easy to identify. Its main form of communication is a branded program which has been designed to look like a legitimate anti virus tool, meaning that you’ll be able to see what it’s called just from the main screen it has. It also has several pop-up messages and warnings which mention its name as well. This software has likely come from a rogue email or bad Facebook application.

What Damage Does It Do

Active Security doesn’t do much damage to your PC, but is generally seen as a piece of adware, designed solely to annoy you enough to actually buy a license for it. It will typically change some of your browser settings, and will also post many different warnings and ads on your system, making it extremely annoying. The tool does not seem to put any more viruses on your PC, but it does not clean them off either.

How Do I Remove It

To remove this virus, you really just need to do one of two things. The first thing you could do is to remove the problem with an automated spyware removal tool, such as “Spyware Doctor”. These tools cost a small fee and will keep you protected from these problems in the future as well.

You can also remove this manually by following these steps:

  1. Terminate its running processes
  2. Delete its program files & folders
  3. Clean out the registry to make sure it doesn’t come back


Source by Greg Banks

The Secret to Removing Spyware Yourself – By a Computer Repair Technician!


If you turn on your computer and it halts before ever getting anywhere close to starting Windows, it is quite indisputable that you just may have some type of spyware crawling around in your computer. Spyware apps can do a good deal of damage, or they might do nothing at all which makes having it in your PC so worrisome. When the spyware has gotten in your computer, there are repairs that you can do yourself to salvage the computer.

So, how do you remove spyware?

Spyware removal software is available on the Internet. This software looks at each data file in your computer and compares it with all known spyware. The ones that it does locate, it creates a listing of, and when the scan is done, you can choose what to do. The most obvious option offered is to delete the files, which is precisely what you should do unless the file listed is a function of a program that you need to use.

Once spyware is inside your computer the best thing that may take place is nothing at all, but the potential for rapid catastrophe is invariably there. So by using the online spyware detecting tools, you will stay on top of this serious issue and save your computer from any harm.

Trust me, as a PC tech I am telling you that it is a great deal less costly for you to run a spyware detecting app to fix up your system than it is to hire a technician.


Source by Dex Dillo

Remove the Trojan Virus Using the Best Strategies


The Trojan Virus is by far the the most infamous of all Viruses. This takes the cake. Not only does it have many shapes and forms but it is the most common of viruses and the most difficult to remove. This virus attempts to make the user think that it is a beneficial application in attempts to get the user to either click on it or download it on to his or her system.

Most commonly the Trojan Horse Virus will hide itself within useful software program. Once the virus is on your computer system, it will immediately start infecting files on your computer. THE SCARIEST thing about this Virus is that it will steal personal information from the users computer and relay that information to the creator of the Virus. Once this happens, beware because you will no longer have complete control over your system. A few things to look for are:

1. Computer running slower than usual.

2. Pop ups on your screen when you are online.

3. Computer shuts down by itself.

4. You hard drive is wiped out clean mysteriously.

5. Being directed to completely different websites in browser launch.

It can happen to anyone. When you consider the huge number of viruses and Trojan horses travelling the World Wide Web at any given time, in my opinion I can’t believe it doesn’t happen to everyone. Once you know that your machine is infected with a Trojan Horse or virus, you can call IT support, Disconnect your computer from the Internet, Back up your important files, Install an anti-virus program and scan your machine, Reinstall your operating system and Restore all your files. Most of the time this will work.

Email is usually the most common way The Trojan Virus will infect a computer. The creators of these viruses will use Special Spamming techniques to spread the viruses to the unsuspecting users. To prevent this the best way to avoid infecting your system with The Trojan Virus is to never open an email from a sender you know nothing about.


Source by Ryan J Scott

Koobface AKA The Facebook Virus – Why Fast Removal is Critical


It’s known primarily as The Facebook Virus, but a new Trojan called Koobface is spreading like wildfire via not only Facebook but other social networks such as Bebo, MySpace, and Friendster. Many users have become aware of how they have gotten this worm and what to look for to prevent it, however what they don’t know is just how dangerous it can be.

How Koobface Infects Your Computer

Koobface spreads by sending out notes to friends of somebody whose computer has already been infected. The subject line will read something to the effect of “You look funny in this movie” or “You look great in this movie.” What happens when the link is clicked however, is that users are redirected to a website that attempts to install what appears to be an update to Adobe’s Flash Player. But what really happens when a user agrees to download the update is that the Trojan then downloads and infects your computer.

Once infected, users will be redirected to all kinds of adverts and malicious websites when attempting to access search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

This will actually lead to more and more spyware and Trojan worm infections, and it will eventually become so bad that it becomes literally impossible to use your computer. But that is not the worst of it.

Why It Is So Dangerous

Like so many other malware or spyware infections, the ultimate goal of Koobface is to get hold of sensitive information i.e. credit card details, bank account information, passwords, PIN numbers, etc. and if any or all of this information is obtained, then the likelihood that you’ll have your identity stolen increases exponentially.

Unfortunately, most people simply think that getting infected with spyware or malware is at the very worst a nuisance that may render their computer almost unusable. And while that is a pretty bad thing in and of itself, the reality is that at the very worst, anybody at anytime can have their identity stolen via a spyware or malware infection and Koobface is no different.

This is why it has become so critical that you invest a small amount of money in top of the line spyware removal software so that you can not only get rid of Koobface A.K.A. The Facebook Virus, but protect your computer from future infections as well.

Because making that small investment now is a much better alternative to the thousands of dollars you stand to lose in false credit card charges, legal fees, etc. if you become a victim of identity theft.


Source by Paul McDonald

How Do I Remove Computer Viruses Easily?


This is the question that I continually asked myself before too. My computer was showing many symptoms like slower speed, increased number of pop up advertisements and strange changing of browser homepage which I did not change.

1. What is the Best Way to Remove Spyware and Computer Viruses from Your System?

The most effective and fastest way to deal with the problem is to download computer antivirus and antispyware software. All that I had to do was to download, install and run the program to scan and remove all malicious software found. Immediately after restarting, my PC was running fast again like when I first bought it and all the pop ups were gone.

2. What Type of Spyware and Virus Removal Software Should You Avoid Downloading?

You may or may not have seen them, but there will be some pop ups that can appear on your screen telling you that you need to download antivirus and antispyware software. Even though it is written in their ad that you should click on their ads to remove the viruses, you should never click on such links from pop up advertisements.

They attempt to mislead you and trick you into thinking that you are actually entering an antispyware/anti-virus website. In actual fact, they are redirecting you to websites that contain more malware and adware codes. When a person visits the site, the malware codes run and it gets installed into the system without the user knowing anything about it.

3. Why and How You Can Download Legitimate Computer Antivirus Software?

You should make sure that the protection software you are looking at is a legitimate one and that it really works like what is stated on its website. You can find out a lot of information about any program by doing research on the Internet. There are sites where users talk about their experiences and review websites that compare different software brands against one another. I was finally able to find the best virus remover program for myself after reading online reviews from users who have tried them.

Having a virus and spyware removal software is very useful because it can not only destroy existing threats in your computer, it can also provide unlimited protection in future. It can act as a firewall that blocks all unauthorized members and infected files from entering into your system. All these combined features that it comes with are good enough to keep my PC very safe from threats. If you currently have to deal with virus and malware problems, I would highly recommend you to download protection software at my website link below.


Source by Donald Chambers

AntiSpy SafeGuard Virus Removal – How To Get Rid Of Antivirus Safeguard From Your PC For Good


AntiSpy SafeGuard is a rogue antivirus tool which has recently been unleashed onto the Internet. The aim of this virus is to steal your personal information as well as to con you into buying the fake upgrade to the virus. All the results it “finds” on your PC are all fake, and it will continually be monitoring your system to see what important details it can steal from you. The good news is that if you have this virus, you should be able to remove it completely by using the tutorial outlined on this page.

In order to correctly remove this infection, you should first ensure you understand exactly what it is. Unlike many “viruses” which will infect your PC, the AntiSpy SafeGuard virus is actually a working piece of software which installs itself onto your computer and then places a large number of fake programs & files onto your PC, as well as blocking such important Windows features as the Task Manager. Most people find they get the virus on their computer from it automatically installing itself onto your computer either from a fake email attachment, infected download or rogue website. The good news is that in order to get rid of the virus, you can just use a standard method to get rid of all the files, settings and options it requires to run.

The way to remove this virus is to remove all the files, options and settings it has placed onto your PC. To do this, you can either attempt to manually remove the files or use a special tool to remove them for you. An important note you need to make about this infection is that what you see on screen is just the tip of the iceberg – it will place a huge number of false files, settings and programs into the likes of the “Windows folder” of your PC. If you want to get rid of this infection completely, you need to be able to remove ALL of the components it has installed onto your PC – which is actually very difficult to do manually.

The bulk of the AntiSpy SafeGuard files will be kept here:

  • %UserProfile%Application DataPAV

The best removal method to get rid of the AntiSpy SafeGuard virus completely is to use what’s known as a “malware removal tool” to get rid of all the infected parts of the program from your PC. Anti-Malware tools are different than anti-virus because they will look through your entire PC and remove all the infected programs / files which are inside (anti-virus tools mainly just guard against viruses coming onto your PC, not programs installed on your system). We’ve found that a tool called XoftSpy is the best to remove AntiSpy SafeGuard from your PC. XoftSpy is a leading software program designed by a large software company in Canada, and is popular thanks to the way it’s able to get rid of the largest number of infected files / settings your PC has. You can get rid of AntiSpy SafeGuard by downloading XoftSpy, installing it and then letting it remove all the infected parts of the virus that your PC has.


Source by Greg Kahn

Remove Win-Trojan/Malware 27136 AO: Get Rid of Malicious Trojan


Win-Trojan/Malware.27136.AO is a type of Trojan commonly found on Windows Platform. It reaches the system through unwanted and unrecognized mails, file sharing networks etc. It entirely threatens your PC as it allows reaching additional malwares on the system without the permission of the user. As you login to your PC, you can see the Win-Trojan/Malware.27136.AO window, which automatically start scanning the system and displays many errors and threat warnings that do not exist on computer.

Actions performed by Win-Trojan/Malware.27136.AO:

— Modifies Windows Registry so as to start up immediately Windows logs in

— Makes use of rootkit mechanisms to hide itself from the antivirus programs installed on the system

— Creates a start up registry entry with the intention to slow up the normal activities carried on the system

— Allows additional malwares on PC without user’s consent

Along with all the above actions performed by this lethal Trojan, also allows the hackers to access the system and cause damage or retrieve the confidential information of users without any intimation.

How to remove Win-Trojan/Malware.27136.AO:

There are two ways by which you can perform the removal of Win-Trojan/Malware.27136.AO. First method is the manual removal in which removal is done manually. Second method is automatic removal that includes the use of Anti Spyware tool.

Under the manual removal procedure, kill all the processes related to Win-Trojan/Malware.27136.AO. Delete all its associated registry entries to get rid of this malicious Trojan. Search for all its files and delete them instantly. But while following this method, make sure to delete the entries, files and processes carefully as any mistake can lead to permanent damage of the PC. So, it is recommended for the expert users.

In other case, second method i.e. automatic removal can be served as the best one which removes this malicious Trojan directly without involving any manual steps. In this method, Anti Spyware tool entirely scans the PC to remove all the threats caused by this lethal Trojan. The steps involved are safe and easy to perform thus, suggested for most of the users. Along with the removal of this Trojan, it also boosts up the system performance. To know more about Win-Trojan/Malware.27136.AO removal instructions in detail, visit the link mentioned below.


Source by Kevin T Turner

How to Remove Antivirus 360 For Windows XP and Vista


Antivirus 360 – also named a360 – is not a normal antivirus program. It’s actually a fake anti spyware that installs by itself onto your PC. It spreads very fast more than what we can imagine. A360 has been infecting more than million computers in all over the countries. If you’re having this fake antivirus in your computer, I urge you to conduct Antivirus 360 removal.

How Do I know Whether My Computer Is Infected or not?

Antivirus 360 always create wrong security alerts that you’re computer has been infected with virus and you should download and install the A360 program to fix the problems. Then this program does fake scan because it is actually spreading the infection to your PC.

If you are doing nothing to remove this thread, you’re really in a big trouble. A360 will not only make your computer runs slowly but it will gather your very personal information such as credit card number including the security number, bank statements and passwords that you’ve saved on your PC. That’s why you should do Antivirus 360 removal.

How come Antivirus 360 infects my computer? This is actually the most frequently asked question. It may come through 2 ways:

1. You have downloaded multimedia files such as video or music from P2P networks.

2. Maybe you have visited entrusted website that contains this antivirus program.

How Can I Do Antivirus 360 removal?

If you are a computer expert, you can remove it manually by removing the files and registries that associated with A360 one by one. It’s really time consuming and if you’re doing carelessly, you can crash your computer or get blue screen of death error. 

I suggest you to get best antispyware to do Antivirus 360 removal. This is the best option to get rid of this thread. It scans your PC thoroughly and looking for the files that associated with the spyware and then delete all those files. I guarantee you that after doing Antivirus 360 removal, your PC will run faster and the best antispyware software will give you real time protection to prevent future thread.


Source by A. Wood

Google Redirect Virus Removal 2011 – How To Get Rid of This Virus From Windows XP, Vista and 7


The “Google Redirect Virus” is a hugely common infection which works by sending your search engine results to fake websites. The design of this infection is such that it will basically try and get you to buy any of the fake products it will recommend from the sites it will send you to. Commonly known as a hugely common infection, the virus is notoriously difficult to remove, unless you know exactly what it is.

You can normally tell if you have this virus by these common traits:

  • The redirect virus will continually send search engine results to fake websites
  • The virus will load up fake popups & adverts
  • You will continually see new fake tabs being opened whilst browsing the Internet.

This virus works by changing a series of settings which Windows uses to run – including the ones that your computer will use to process redirects online. The problem you have is that your computer will continually be trying to handle “redirects” on the Internet, and the virus you have has basically taken those redirects & hijacked them to send you to some fake websites. Most people see this infection when browsing Google, because the search engines always redirect you through their own website before taking you to the target site that you wanted in the first place – making it essential that you’re able to get rid of the virus in the most effective way possible to ensure your system’s continued security.

The way to get rid of this virus is slightly different than most infections, mainly because of the way it works. Most viruses work by installing a small file / setting onto your computer, and then using that file to try and cause problems. This means that you cannot use an anti-virus application to get rid of the virus as it won’t be able to identify any of the infections you have on your PC. Instead, you need to be able to use two types of software – a “Trojan Horse” removal tool, and a “Browser Hijack Object” removal application. Namely, you should first look to download a program called Hitman Pro, and then a tool called ComboFix to scan through your PC and get rid of the virus you have on it.

You should download Hitman Pro & ComboFix and then let them scan through your PC to remove the infection. After you’ve used these programs, you may wish to also look at a program called FixRedirectVirus.org, which is a new tool designed specifically to get rid of the redirect virus from your PC.


Source by Greg Toddles James

Antivir Removal – How to Remove Antivir As Soon As Possible


Antivir is a misleading anti-spyware application. It can infect your computer through the browser by accessing a contaminated website, through the videos and other media that downloaded by P2P networks, or through Facebook or Myspace spam, etc.

This spyware often uses deceptive or high pressure sales tactics and deliberate false positives to convince users into buying a license/subscription. However, you should not purchase the program or click on anything within the popups that you are prompted with. Because it is very harmful:

– It is a corrupt Anti-Spyware program.

– It could spread via Trojans.

– It may show bogus security message.

– It may add more spyware to your system.

– It can repair its files, spread or update automatically.

– It violates your privacy and compromises your security and more.

Therefore, once installed, you should get rid of it as soon as possible.

Manual Antivir removal

Step 1 Stop these Antivir processes: antivir.exe

Step 2 Disable these Antivir DLL files: UpdateCheck.dll

Step 3 Remove all the Antivir Registry Entries as below:



HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerBrowser Helper Objects{35A5B43B-CB8A-49CA-A9F4-D3B308D2E3CC}

HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun “AV”

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInternet Settings5.0User Agentpost platform “WinNT-EVI 25.11.2009”

Step 4 Remove these Antivir files:





Well, is it very challenging to conduct a removal on your own? Besides, if any mistake is made in the process, your system may be permanently damaged. So this method is only recommended to those tech-savvy computer geeks who live and breathe computer.

Automate Antivir removal

For other users, they need a removal tool that can eradicate the entire virus in a single click, simply and safely.

Remove Antivir Now! Don’t wait for your system to be further compromise. Once your computer is infected with this spyware it is crucial to remove it as soon as possible.


Source by Molly Smith