What Causes a Corrupt Registry?


A cluttered windows registry may slow down the performance of your computer. As the logic goes, as internet raises then freeware comes. There would be redundant entries inside your computer registry. This will go to a decline performance. Hence, you need a registry cleaning program to prevent this problem.

As we all know, the registry is the most important system of every computer. When you install and uninstall programs, they are registered to that system. There are times were we uninstalled a program incompletely, making the computer to freeze. Sometimes, corrupt files come in.

To simply explain the problem, what makes your registry to have corrupt files? Is it due to accident or lack of knowledge about its origin?

First, data stored in your registry can be cluttered. This will lead to a slow down speed of your computer. It is an exception when you installed and programs add new features and options to your computer’s software.

Second, some programs clog up on your storage and start-up operations. This is evident with anti-virus program every time you boot up the system.

Third, when some programs are not properly and completely uninstalled. They can leave bad shortcuts or links to unwanted files to the Windows registry.

Fourth, editing the windows registry or configuring user profiles. It can corrupt the operating system once it is done incorrectly. In addition, malfunction on third party drivers or software.

Lastly, different operations and activities performed account for most of the potential problems in your Windows registry. Malevolent embedded keys may appear once you download malicious programs without your permission.

To make the long story short, registry cleaning software is highly important. This will ensure you prevention for a corrupt registry. It will guarantee a high performing level of your computer as you always use it.


Source by Johnson Smith Woods

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